Acute Inflammatory Polyneuropathy Guillainbarre Syndrome

Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is an acute onset, predominantly motor polyneuropathy with an immunologic basis. There is often an antecedent history of infection or immunization but in many cases no such trigger can be identified. Despite the predominance of motor over sensory deficit, pain is common (approximately 50-70 percent of cases in a fairly recent review19) and may manifest itself in a wide variety of ways including both neurogenic and nocigenic presentations. A more recent prospective study suggests an even higher frequency (nearly 90 percent), with nearly 50 percent reporting pain "distressing" or worse.20 Pain can be a prominent symptom even in otherwise mild cases.21 The most commonly encountered pains were deep, aching back/leg pain and dysesthetic extremity pain. Although complete recovery has widely been considered to be the rule, more recent data suggest that many patients report aching and cramping pain years after the onset of symptoms, that the pain is correlated with persisting sensory, but not motor, deficits,22 and gabapentin appears to be effective.23,24 [II]

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