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Nontraditional approaches to CPP include chiropractic treatment, hypnosis, and acupuncture.18'180 A prospective study on chiropractic treatment in 18 CPP patients demonstrated significant improvement in pain and functioning over a six-week treatment period of flexion/ distraction and trigger point techniques.180[III] A randomized controlled study found a 90 percent improvement in dysmenorrhea with acupuncture compared with only 36 percent in the placebo group.181[II] A Cochrane review21[I] of acupuncture for pain relief with dysme-norrhea concluded that there was insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture in reducing dysmenorrhea.

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Native American Healing

Native American Healing

A lot of healing practices and spiritual ceremonials that are being practiced nowadays by healing practitioners and metaphysical groups have been acquired from traditions that initiated from assorted Native American tribes.

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