Atypical odontalgia

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The IHS considers AO as a subgroup of persistent idio-pathic facial pain, i.e. "persistent facial pain that does not have the characteristics of the cranial neuralgias and is not attributed to another disorder.''109 The IHS states that "the term AO has been applied to a continuous pain in the teeth or in a tooth socket after extraction in the absence of any identifiable cause.''109 AO has also been called

122 123 124

phantom tooth pain'' , or idiopathic toothache.


As with AFP, no reliable data on incidence or prevalence exist in the literature but it has been estimated to occur in

3-6 percent of patients undergoing endodontic treat-

ment.125,126 Both sexes and all adult ages can be affected with a predominance of women in their mid-40s.127

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