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A 29-year-old woman who suffers from migraine becomes pregnant. She is on prophylactic and abortive drugs for headache management. Her physician advises her to discontinue all of them if possible. What alternative therapies can be recommended? This case highlights the importance of CAM in the everyday practice of medicine. Herbal or nutriceutical treatments will most likely be avoided because of the uncertainty of these agents in pregnancy. Acupuncture may also carry at least a theoretical risk of premature labor. Self-management techniques such as biofeedback, yoga, and hypnosis can all be recommended. Osteopathic and chiropractic treatment can be beneficial, particularly if musculoskeletal factors trigger or influence headache. The herbal agent feverfew, which is commonly used in migraine, should be avoided during pregnancy.

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Naturally Cure Your Headaches

Naturally Cure Your Headaches

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