Organic causes are rarely found in FAP, only about 10 percent of these children are diagnosed with pain that is not functional. Warning signs that need to be investigated include:132[V], 133[V]

• involuntary weight loss;

• deceleration of linear growth;

• gastrointestinal blood loss;

• significant vomiting;

• chronic severe diarrhea;

• persistent right upper or right lower quadrant pain;

• unexplained fever;

• family history of inflammatory bowel disease;

• pain far from umbilicus;

• pain awakening the child at night;

• nocturnal diarrhea;

These warning signs are generally absent in FAP, and the subcategories of FAP have specific positive symptom criteria that should be applied for diagnostic purposes. FAP is not the "wastebasket diagnosis'' it is often thought to be, but rather a broad diagnostic category with specific syndrome subsets.132[V]

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