Patients with cyclic pain or dysfunctional uterine bleeding are excellent candidates for hysterectomy, especially if they have relief of pain with hormonal suppression. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) criteria set on hysterectomy for pelvic pain states the following as indications for hysterectomy:160 no remediable pathology found on laparoscopic examination and presence of pain for more than six months with a negative effect on the patient's quality of life. However, unless there is uterine pathology, endometriosis, secondary dysmenorrhea, or significant prolapse, hysterectomy is unlikely to be helpful for CPP. Prior to hysterectomy, medical management and multidisciplinary therapy should be tried, and other nongynecologic etiologies should be evaluated, including the patient's psychological and psychosexual status.160

51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

Do you have Endometriosis? Do you think you do, but aren’t sure? Are you having a hard time learning to cope? 51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis can help.

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