Key Learning Points

• Understanding the chronic lower back pain (CLBP) patient's motivation for seeking care improves satisfaction, treatment compliance, outcomes, and saves time.

• Spine clinicians best serve as gatekeepers to the growing list of other local spine care specialists.

• Initial assessment emphasizes measuring pain, disability, red and yellow flags, and diagnostic subgroups.

• Several pitfalls for the initial assessment of the CLBP patient exist.

• History and examination are geared toward ruling out serious underlying diseases.

• Many theories exist for the causes of CLBP.

• CLBP treatment must emphasize maximizing function through rehabilitative exercise and return to work programs.

• Temporizing measures for treating pain also include medications, manipulation, massage, injections, and modalities.

• Multidisciplinary cognitive-behavioral therapy is perhaps one of the most useful treatment tools for chronic disabling CLBP.

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