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Chronic pain, impairment, and disability, rather than being actual entities, are constructs that can only be inferred in order to account for some form of behavior or phenomenon of interest. There is often a discordance or low degree of correlation among levels of chronic pain, impairment, and disability.

What makes the operational definition and use of these three constructs difficult is that there are three broad categories of measures that can be used to operationally define them - physical, psychosocial, and overt behavior/function - that are, in turn, not always correlated highly with one another. The scientific literature is replete with many different measurement techniques and tests of these three constructs. However, the literature is beginning to demonstrate which specific measures appear to be the most reliable and valid.

Pain is now considered as the fifth vital sign (added to pulse, blood pressure, core temperature, and respiration). The biopsychosocial perspective is currently recognized as the most comprehensive and heuristic approach to the assessment and treatment of this experiential state.

Impairment has been traditionally a medical term, defined as a significant loss, or loss of use, of a body structure or function in an individual with a health condition, disorder, or disease, which can be objectively measured. Because chronic pain has a major subjective component to it, it has created a major problem in the area of objective impairment evaluation. Disability is more an administrative term that refers to a diminished capacity or inability to perform certain activities of daily living as a result of loss of function due to impairment.

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