Neuralgic Amyotrophy

This may develop suddenly in an otherwise healthy individual or follow an infection, surgical procedure, childbirth, or an injection of vaccine or antibiotic. It usually begins as a severe pain around the shoulder on one side, followed by rapid development of weakness and atrophy. The muscles of C5 and C6 myotome are commonly involved, and the affected muscles may be very weak to the extent of being totally paralyzed. The pain is made worse by movement involving the affected muscles. It can be distinguished from cervical radicular lesions by the fact that weakness is usually not so severe in radicular lesions. It is usually unilateral, but occasionally bilateral. Rarely, it may be restricted to one or two nerve territories, or can present as an isolated phrenic nerve palsy. Pain usually disappears within a few days or weeks, and most patients show good recovery.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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