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15 The use of NSAIDs and paracetamol (acetaminophen) in chronic pain 193 John Hughes and K Riaz Khan

16 Opioids and chronic noncancer pain 207 C Roger Goucke and Eric J Visser

17 Topical analgesics for neuropathic pain 230 Charles E Argoff and K Riaz Khan

18 Chronic pain and depression 241 W Michael Hooten

19 Antiepileptic and antiarrhythmic agents 254 Turo J Nurmikko

20 Neurostimulation techniques 268 Marc A Huntoon

21 Spinal administration 284 Kate Grady and Jon Raphael

22 Cognitive-behavior therapy for chronic pain in adults 292 Stephen Morley and Christopher Eccleston

23 Evaluation of complementary and alternative therapies 303 Miles J Belgrade and Cassandra D Schamber

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