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24 Pain in neurological disease 323 Paul R Nandi

25 Peripheral neuropathies 335 Ravikiran Shenoy, Katherine Roberts, and Praveen Anand

26 HIV and AIDS 352 Sarah Cox and Andrew SC Rice

27 Complex regional pain syndromes 362 Peter R Wilson

28 Central neuropathic pain: syndromes, pathophysiology, and treatments 374 James C Watson

29 Spinal cord injury 388 Philip J Siddall and Paul J Wrigley

30 Chronic pain after surgery 405 William Macrae and Julie Bruce

31 Postamputation pain 414 Lone Nikolajsen and Signe Koch

32 Herpes zoster pain including shingles and postherpetic neuralgia 429 Robert W Johnson

33 Management of painful spasticity 440 Barry Rawicki

34 Headache 450 Peer Tfelt-Hansen and Rigmor Jensen

35 Facial pain 467 Peter Svensson and Lene Baad-Hansen

36 Neck pain and whiplash 484 Nikolai Bogduk

37 Chronic back pain 501 Randy A Shelerud

38 Chronic joint pain 518 Tanya Baqai, Ali Jawad, and Bruce Kidd

39 Therapies for chronic chest pain 537 Ivan N Ramos-Galvez and Glyn R Towlerton

40 Chronic abdominal, groin, and perineal pain of visceral origin 549 Timothy J Ness

41 Chronic pelvic pain 570 Andrea J Rapkin and Monica Lee

42 Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain: mechanisms to management 599 Serena F Carville and Ernest H Choy

43 Psychiatric diagnosis and chronic pain 614 Stephen P Tyrer

44 Chronic pain in children 623 Navil F Sethna, Alyssa Lebel, and Lisa Scharff

45 Principles of chronic pain therapy in elderly patients 641 John Hughes and Chris Dodds

46 Pain management and substance misuse 652 Cathy Stannard

Index 661

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