Surgical treatment

Arthroscopic washout and cartilage debridement can relieve symptoms of OA of the knee for up to several months.135 Closed tidal irrigation (nonarthroscopic washout) has also been shown to be effective in relieving pain.136[II] Arthroscopic meniscal debridement may not improve outcome in OA of the knees.137[II] Upper tibial osteotomy or supracondylar femoral osteotomy can provide effective pain relief in younger patients with OA of the medial compartment of the knees.138

Persistent, severe pain uncontrolled by medical and physical therapy is the best indication for joint replacement, especially when there is associated disability. Joint replacement is very effective for relief of pain and disability in patients with advanced OA of the hip and knee.139 After such surgery, over 90 percent of patients can expect good function in a replaced joint for at least ten years.

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