Wind uplike pain and aftersensations

Wind up-like pain or abnormal temporal summation, is the clinical equivalent to increasing neuronal activity following repetitive C-fiber stimulation of more than

In humans, such pains may be evoked by either repetitive noxious or non-noxious stimulation from normal or hyperalgesic cutaneous areas, respectively. When repetitive low-threshold stimuli, which exclusively activate Ap-fibers, are applied at intervals of less than three seconds, they give rise to pain, which means that these stimuli have gained access to central wind up mechanisms that are normally reserved for nociceptors and C-fiber input. Wind up-like pain can be produced by a variety of stimuli, including mechanical, thermal, and electrical types, and can be elicited not only from skin but also from other tissues, e.g. muscle.52 It is now clear that abnormal temporal summation with wind up-like phenomena is a characteristic feature of many chronic pain conditions, including neuropathic pain21,3038,53,54,55 and that this can blocked or attenuated by compounds that affect wind up.25[II], 56,57,58 [II], 59 [II], 60[II], 61[II], Aftersensation, which is the persistence of pain long after a painful stimulus has stopped, are another characteristic feature of neuropathic pain.35 Examples of such after-sensations include repetitive paroxysms following short-lasting stimulation of trigger points in trigeminal neuralgia, persistence burning sensation in postherpetic neuralgia after light touch, and long-lasting exaggeration of pain after exercise. Aftersensations correlate with existing evoked pain both experimentally and in neuropathic pain patients, suggesting that they are mediated by a common mechanism.62 Because of the strong relationship between wind up-like pain and aftersensations, it is thought that both of these phenomena may reflect neuronal discharges in WDR neurons.

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