Christopher Eccleston

Centre for Pain Research, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Understanding the psychology of pain and the psychology of analgesic behavior can improve your practice as a pain clinician, enrich your experience of dealing day to day with suffering, and provide you with new ways of thinking about working in pain. I start with the fundamental aspects, exploring the psychological factors that influence and structure the experience of pain, introduce specific psychological models that help one understand patient behavior, and finally focus on the evidence base for psychological interventions for pain.

Natural Pain Management

Natural Pain Management

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? Do You Feel Like You Might Be Addicted to Pain Killers For Life? Are You Trapped on a Merry-Go-Round of Escalating Pain Tolerance That Might Eventually Mean That No Pain Killer Treats Your Condition Anymore? Have you been prescribed pain killers with dangerous side effects?

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