Future of evidence

There are two important developments that should, at least theoretically, change the way we collect evidence for interventions. One is the introduction of electronic patient reports and the other is genomics research. Structured reporting and assessment of, for example, drug effects could be performed in the clinic and the data could be used not only for the benefit of the individual patient but also for the almost online compilation of evidence. Some pharmacologic interventions (e.g. drugs metabolized via CYP enzymes) will be connected to pharmacogenetic analyses (e.g. assessment of CYP 2D6 metabolizer status). This will also mean that future RCTs will be more targeted and have genomics-based entrance criteria.


This chapter is based on a series of essays, "Five easy pieces on evidence-based medicine" [40-44]. I wish to thank Jayne Edwards, Henry McQuay and Andrew Moore, the co-authors of the easy pieces, and the European Journal of Pain for the permission to use this material.

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