Guidelines and implementation

The development and dissemination of guidelines do not automatically mean that patients and healthcare providers will read, understand and use these guidelines. The following strategies were designed to dissiminate and implement the German guideline.

The results of the systematic reviews and recommendations of the guideline are published in scientific journals and presented at the annual scientific meetings of the societies involved. The scientific version of the guideline (complete and short version) is available on the homepages of the societies involved. The German Society of General and Family Medicine will develop and validate a pocket version of the guideline for primary care physicians. A patient version of the guideline is available on the homepages of the medical scientific societies as well as of the self-help organizations involved and published in the respective journals of the self-help organizations involved. The recommendations were presented and discussed at regional patient-doctor meetings. Thus the strategies aim at modifying not only the practice of healthcare providers but also the knowledge and demands of patients. Patients are accessed by self-help organizations, by regional meetings, the internet and patients' journals. The evaluation of the implementation strategies outlined will be a major challenge for the future.

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