History taking

Patients presenting with chronic mono- or oli-golocular pain should be asked for potential other pain locations. A pain diagram helps to identify patients with CWP. If CWP is diagnosed, other key symptoms of FMS (fatigue/nonrestorative sleep and increased morning stiffness/swelling of the fingers or the hands) should be actively explored. The German interdiscplinary guideline recommends the establishment of a symptom-based diagnosis of FMS if symptoms in all the following three symptom domains are reported by the patient: (1) CWP, (2) fatigue or non-restorative sleep or sleep disturbances, and (3) sensations of stiffness or swelling in the hands or the feet or the face [11].

If the key symptoms of FMS are reported, patients should be screened for symptoms of other functional somatic syndroms and mental disorders as well as current psychosocial stressors. Moreover, restrictions of daily activities and subjective illness attributions should be asked for. Finally all types of medication used by the patient should be assessed since arthral-gia, myalgia and fatigue can also be side effects of medication. Misuse of medication should be actively explored [11].

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