How to produce evidence of effectiveness in future

Since the etiology, pathophysiology and clinical picture of CRPS are "complex," putting up a feasible trial protocol is challenging. However, in the light of high rates of chronicity and disability in CRPS, there is a desperate need for controlled studies regarding pharmacologic and interventional therapy in CRPS. To achieve a comprehensive evidence-based treatment algorithm, studies need to be stratified, e.g. by type of CRPS (type I or II), disease duration (acute/ chronic CRPS), CRPS with SMP or SIP, and probably by subgroups, e.g. warm, intermediate, cold type. Furthermore, trials that assess the acute as well as the long-term effects, especially of interventional therapy such as sympathetic blocks and IVRS, are warranted. Outcome parameters should not focus on pain but also assess other CRPS symptoms, in particular motor function.

Natural Pain Management

Natural Pain Management

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