Literature searches on therapeutic options for treating mechanical neck pain were carried out using the following databases: Chirolars (now called Mantis), Bioethicsline, CINAHL, Current Contents, and Medline, with data being used to prepare and update an article in Clinical Evidence [2]. I will summarize the evidence on treatment modalities currently in use, with an indication of questions which still need to be answered. Studies relating to specific conditions like fibromyalgia and disk prolapse will not be discussed.

Data on therapy will be considered for patients with (uncomplicated) nonspecific neck pain, neck pain plus radiculopathy, and whiplash. Therapies will then be categorized as "likely to be effective," where there is at least one high-quality RCT suggesting benefit and reasonable consensus from other studies; "likely to be ineffective," where there is at least one high-quality study suggesting a lack of benefit from the treatment; and "unknown effectiveness," where there is insufficient or conflicting evidence without a consensus (Boxes 8.1-8.3). Relevant systematic

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