MTM = Mettler Toledo Myriad

MTM = Mettler Toledo Myriad

Table 6 (continue)

MultiSynTech SYROII Perldn-Elmer Solaris 530

Spydcr COMPAS 768.2

Solid phase

Solution phase

Reaction vessels Material/shape polypropylene or glass syringes

glass round-bottomed up to 8 microplates in flasks centrifuge rotor


48/10 ml

Filtration mode

Online solvents Agitation bottom magnetic lévitation stirring top orbital shaking filtration replaced by "tilted centrifugation"

"stop and go" motion

Temperature range


Inert atmosphere in rv + Reflux capability +

Waste segregation

Fully enclosed

Special features/ comments reagent/solvent addition under agitation possible off-line incubator available

• separation of solid and liquid phases achieved by "tilted centrifugation" (see text)

• solvent must have lower density than solid support

• solvent delivery via 96 channel distributor

• centrifuge also available as semiauto-mated stand alone version (see Table 5)

Zenyx Magellan

Zinsser SOPHAS




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