o-nitrobenzyl- [95]

o-hydroxystyryl dfmethylsilyl- [96]


(Desyi) [97] Figure2

For an application in combinatorial synthesis, photolabile linkers must be modified to allow for an attachment to the solid support, and must be further modified to adjust the cleavage step after combinatorial synthesis to the requirements of the photolytic removal of the target molecules from the support (modulation of photolytic cleavage kinetics). For combinatorial synthesis, only the o-nitrobenzyl-derived linkers have found wider applications, whereas the Desyl-derived linker has been used mostly in photolithographic DNA synthesis. Linkers Based on o-Nitrobenzyl

The different o-nitrobenzyl-based linkers are outlined in Fig. 3, together with the acyl unit to which it is attached. Upon photolytic cleavage, the o-nitrobenzyl unit is transformed into an o-nitroso benzaldehyde unit, resulting in concomitant release of the combinatorial compound.

The linker designed in [101] was recently further optimized so that it is stable towards acid, base and Lewis acid/amine combinations [104],

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