Phase Separation Techniques

The traditional separation of two phases (in most cases organic/aqueous) can be performed in a parallel manner by several methods. One possibility is to use a robotic system with phase detection and liquid level detection (see Chapter 6.3). Another method is the use of adsorbent packing cartridges to adsorb the aqueous phase (Na2S04, MgS04, alumina, EXtrelut®). Furthermore, a hydrophobic membrane or frit (PTFE) in a polypropylene cartridge can be used to separate a dichloromethane or chloroform phase from the aqueous phase (Fig. 3). The dichloromethane or chloroform phase is able to pass through the frit, and the aqueous phase remains on top of the filter.

Aqueous phase

Dichloromethane or chloroform phase can pass through the frit


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