Surface view: Polygonal, orange-brown epidermal cells, with walls appearing lighter than the cell lumen.

Transverse section: Exocarp of polygonal epidermal cells, orangish brown; frequently groups of two to four thin-walled cells are surrounded by thicker walls; meso-carp of thin-walled parenchyma cells, with cells in the outer mesocarp small and, toward the endocarp, becoming larger with frequent intercellular spaces; calcium oxalate cluster crystals up to 25 ^m diameter and prisms up to 40 ^m in length are frequent; sclereids scattered in the mesocarp, solitary, or, more frequently, in groups; in large

groups adjacent to vascular bundles; numerous calcium oxalate prisms occur along vascular bundles; broad, scler-enchymatous endocarp consists of both fibers and sclereids; sclereids have numerous pits and cell lumen is often orangish brown.

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