Transverse section: The structure of the rhizome is very similar to that of the root, except that it has a broad pith in the center; anomalous secondary thickening produces amphivasal vascular bundles in the pith of older rhizomes; these bundles are called star spots due to their stellate appearance in transverse section; a transverse section of the rhizome will yield transverse, longitudinal, and oblique views of the anomalous bundles.

Starch: Abundant; simple or compound granules in aggregates of two to four, more or less spherical, 4-20 ^m diameter; hilum is typically a cleft or radiating split.

Powder: Yellow (addition of a droplet of potassium hydroxide changes the color to red); fragments of parenchyma with large calcium oxalate cluster crystals predominate; scalariform or reticulate vessels; lignified tissue is absent; starch.

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