Panax ginseng C A

Asian Ginseng Root Processed (Cultivated Processed Red) Radix Ginseng Rubra Pinyin: Hong shen, hong ren shen


Red Asian ginseng is the prepared root of the yuan sheng, cultivated Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) (PPRC 2000). It is prepared by steaming, which turns the root red. The root of red ginseng is anatomically identical to unprepared (white) Panax ginseng root except for the virtual absence of starch granules. Steam processing turns the starch granules into gelatinous masses that give the parenchyma cells a swollen appearance. Red ginseng is thought to have increased activity as an energizing tonic over the unprocessed roots.

Powder: Fragments of cork; parenchyma cells, some with yellow-brown secretions or calcium oxalate cluster crystals; secretory ducts; reticulate vessels; no starch granules.

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