Plantago major L

Plantain Leaf Plantaginis Folium Plantaginaceae

The leaves of plantain are commonly used as a wilderness first-aid plant and applied to cuts, scratches, burns, and bites. It is also taken to stop internal bleeding and used externally in compresses and salves. Two primary types of plantain are commonly used: lance- or narrow-leafed and broad-leafed (P. major) plantain. These can be used interchangeably.

Surface view: Irregularly shaped upper and lower epidermal cells with slightly rounded to wavy anticlinal walls and an often striated cuticle; dense anomocytic and some diacytic stomata, approximately 25-30 ^m long, occur on both surfaces, as do covering and glandular trichomes; covering trichomes are uniseriate, up to 300 ^m long, and composed of few cells with slightly thickened walls; in outline they are conical with an acute terminal cell; the basal cell, embedded in epidermis, is approximately two times the diameter of the adjacent trichome cell and much larger than other epidermal cells; scars left by broken trichomes form a circular cicatrix considerably larger than the epidermal cells, which are arranged in a rosette pattern around the basal cell; glandular hairs have a unicellular stalk, bicellular head of slightly elongated cells, and are approximately 40-50 ^m long.

Transverse section: Bifacial; palisade cells occur in two to four layers; calcium oxalate is absent.

Powder: Fragments of epidermis with anomocytic and some diacytic stomata, glandular trichomes, and enlarged epidermal cells where covering trichome cicatrices occur; fragments of covering trichomes with slightly thickened cell walls and an acute terminal cell.

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