Baseline PSD E

figure 2. A. Effects of early night partial sleep deprivation oil lympliokine activated killer cell activity (mean ± SEM lytic units) in IN subjects, lnterleukin-2 stimulated lymphokme activated killer cell activity Was significantly (two tailed t = 53, df = 3f>, p < O.tKll) lower following a night of early partial sleep deprivation compared to baseline levels. Unstimulated cytotoxicity against NK resistant Daudi was not different (I = 1.9, df = IS, p - 0.06). B. Effects of early night partial sleep deprivation on counts of LAK precursors co-expressing CD16.56 and CD25, PS 1.1-E had no effect on either the percentage or number of cells expressing CD 16,56 and CD2S (two tailed I = 0.9, df- IS, p -0,41; t s 0.9. df - 7, p -0.37). C. Effects of early night partial sleep deprivation on LAK activity per LAK precursor. Data illuslrated are LAK lytic units per number of LAK precursors: loglM transformation of these values demonstrated reduced LAK cell activation following sleep deprivation (Iwo tailed t = 3.0, df = 7, p < 0.05).

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