Immune Effects of Antidepressants in Depressed Patients

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Very few investigations have been carried out to assess the effect of antidepressant medication on immune parameters. When comparing various immune parameters, including percentage of T and B lymphocytes and mitogenesis, to psychological markers in two groups of treated and untreated patients, there was no clear relationship between psychological and immune parameters (Udelman & Udelman, 1985). However, some observations in the literature indicate that in patients treated with antidepressants, a normalization of immune parameters occured; increased immune parameters were lowered whereas depressed immune parameters were restored (Table 1).

Mitogenesis induced by ConA or PHA was reduced in depressed patients treated

Table 1. Effects of antidepressants on immune functions in depressed patients


Immune alterations in depressed patients

Effects of antidepressants

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