Endotheliumdependent Vasodilation

In physiological terms, hyperglycemia increases blood pressure and leads to endothelial dysfunction with impaired vascular reactivity (23). Hypoxia is accompanied with an influx of calcium, which might activate nitric oxide (NO) synthase followed by vasodilation and hyperemia (11) (Fig. 5). In diabetes, increased free radicals might quench NO, leading to ischemia (11,24). In vitro acetylcholine-induced vasodilation of vasculature from diabetic animals is impaired (25,26). The rate of NO synthesis in vivo compared with the rate of NO quenching is unclear. We measured the blood flow of the arteria iliaca in diabetic and nondiabetic rats. The NO-mediated stimulation by acetylcholine was impaired in diabetic rats, but in contrast to in vitro experiments, treatment

Blood flow

Shear stress Acetylcholine Ca2+ Bradykinin

Endothelial Cell




I Activation

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