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Source: From Ref. 9.

Source: From Ref. 9.

a lactose/drug mixture and to i.v. administration in the same dogs. As predicted, the best results with respect to bioavailability were obtained with the Gelucire 44/14 formulation (Fig. 1).

Surface tension measurements showed that the Gelucire 44/14 formulation formed micelles during dissolution in aqueous media: the molecular dispersion of the drug in this self-forming micellar system was postulated to protect the drug from precipitation in vivo as well as in vitro. For other formulations tested, neither the in vitro nor the in vivo performance indicated sufficient drug solubilizing properties. It was concluded that to achieve adequate and reliable dissolution of poorly soluble drugs in vivo, lipid excipients should not only have appropriate sol-ubilizing properties for the drug in the formulation, but should also assist in maintaining drug in solution during release in the GI tract.

From this study it appears that for self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems (SMEDDS) and similar types of formulations, the compendial media, or

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