Biomarkers are key drivers of the ongoing health care transformation toward the new paradigm of stratified and personalized medicine. In this chapter we focused on the role of IT in supporting the use of biomarkers in biopharma-ceutical R&D. When doing so, we need to keep in mind that the benefits desired for patients and consumers will be realized only if the new biomedical knowledge is translated into stratified and personalized patient care. The biopharmaceutical industry will have to participate not only as a provider of drugs and medical treatments, but also as a contributor to the emerging biomedical knowledge base and to the IT infrastructures needed to enable biomarker-based R&D and clinical care. It is therefore critical to define the necessary interfaces between the respective IT environments and to agree on standards that enable data interchanges. IT standards and architectures must support the integration of new biomarker data with conventional clinical data types and the management of the integrated data in (centralized or federated) data warehouses that can be queried and analyzed Analysis and mining of biomarker and health care data are mathematically challenging but are necessary to support diagnostic and treatment decisions by providers of personalized care. Finally, service-oriented architectures are required to support the resulting processes and work flows covering the various health care stakeholders.

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