History has shown repeatedly that the application of a new breakthrough technology is the driving force into the next phase of meaningful discovery. The development and commercialization of quantitative multiplexed immu-noassay platforms is a prime example. The two primary array platforms, planar and microsphere, provide investigators with more comprehensive bio-marker data for multiple analytes with the same sensitivity and precision of single-plex testing. The technology has been invaluable to basic research and drug discovery efforts and is now moving rapidly into the clinical arena of drug development, with the goal that useful biomarker patterns will allow more informed drug development decisions to be made.

Immune-related biomarker patterning has great potential to improve the success rate of drug approval in a highly cost-effective manner. The efficiency of simultaneous profiling of multiple immune- related biomarkers with very small sample volumes has revolutionized our ability to discover and validate biomarker patterns in order to stratify patients and find markers of efficacy and safety. Central to many diseases are the immune-related biomarkers dis cussed in this chapter. Their modulation as drug targets themselves has also become a core theme for many of the autoimmune diseases. Finally, innovative products designed for the clinical trial setting, such as the TruCulture whole-blood culture system, will help bring immune-related biomarker patterning into the everyday realm of clinical drug development and companion diagnostics.

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Project Management Made Easy

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