ELISABased Immunometric Sandwich Immunoassays

Many of the key IBs (cytokines and chemokines in particular) exist at relatively low concentrations in serum or plasma, requiring the femtomolar sensitivity provided by the sandwich immunoassay. Sandwich immunoassays get their name from the fact that the antigen is "sandwiched" in between two antibodies. This is typically a more sensitive technique than single-antibody competitive assays. Traditional single-plex methods such as the 96-well microtiter plate-based enzyme-l inked immunoassay (ELISA) use a capture antibody anchored either hydrophobically or covalently to the polystyrene wall of each well. After binding of antigen from the liquid sample, the assay is completed by adding a second antibody solution specific for the same target, thus completing the sandwich. A reporter signal attached to the second antibody provides the quantitative signal. ELISAs have been the standard in the research lab for decades, while the same sandwich immunoassay technique has been applied in a more industrial fashion in fully automated random access immunoanalyzers such as the Immulite from Siemens, built for FDA-approved assays in the clinical lab.

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Project Management Made Easy

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