Area Under the Curve (AUC)

Chapter 5, Figure 6 Multiple peptide panels are effective at discriminating groups. ROC plots show improved performance when going from one to five to 10 peptides. Displayed are curves (left) representing true-positive (.v-axis) and false-positive (y-axis) ratios and the area under the curve (AUC; right column) for single-peptide (top), five-peptide (middle) and 10-peptide panels (bottom). In the case of multiple-peptide analysis, peptides were chosen randomly from the population of differentially expressed peptides. The optimal AUC for discriminating groups is a value of l.This was best achieved as the panel size increased.

Chapter 8, Figure 3 Quality assessment for protein expression. Images of whole Vv proteome microarray probed with mAb against polyhistidine (A) and hemoagglutinin tags (B). 99.0% of Vv proteins were reactive to antipolyhistidine antibody and 88.2% to antihemoagglutinin antibody. The images show four dilutions of human IgG (yellow box), positive controls (green box), and six negative controls (mock transcription/ translation reaction) (red circles). The remaining spots are Vv proteins.

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