secreted proteins, including FGF-1, FGF-2, IL-1, and galectins, do not have a classical N-terminal signal sequence [58]. Direct detection of these nonclassi-cal secreted proteins will be an important approach to expanding on the secretome as well as validating the predictive tools currently under development for these proteins, such as SecretomeP [59].

An important aspect of studying the contents of the secretory apparatus is the ability to identify low-abundance secreted proteins that would be difficult to detect without specific antibodies, such as IL-25, TGFb1, and lipocalin 2. Also important is that the proteins identified have important biological functions that could eventually aid in the discovery of novel approaches to therapeutics. Of interest, therefore, is the observation that five of the proteins identified in the pilot adipose tissue study are current targets of therapies in clinical trials (Table 1). These therapies are not necessarily involved in adipose-related diseases, but still serve to demonstrate that proteins identified by this approach include those that are important to drug discovery.

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