Chapter 34, Figure 3 The preclinical predictive therapeutics protocol allows prioritization of methodologies based on ability to predict optimal combinational designs derived from the networks identified. These tumorgrafts are established directly from the patient's tumor by implantation into immune-compromised mice, and are characterized by both molecular profiling and histopathology. (A) A heat map following unsupervised hierarchical clustering shows tumorgrafts in the mouse host closely resemble their donating human tumor at the genomic level even when the analysis was restricted to only known drug targets. Patient tumors and their derived mouse tumor-grafts are coded the same color and co-cluster based on their overall genomic similarity. Probes encoding EGFR are highlighted to show the distribution of expression of this target across the various tumors. (B) The mean correlation coefficient in a direct comparison of human tumors with mouse tumor grafts is approximately 0.93, demonstrating excellent overall similarity at the biomarker level.

Chapter 34, Figure 4 Topological network analysis of overexpressed genes from a non-small cell lung carcinoma identified a potential key input node at the level of EGFR. The significance of each node can be inferred after comparison with the global connectivity map and the drug-target knowledge base applied to select corresponding inhibitors. This approach, which does not depend on prerequisite empirical data sets, can be applied for discovery of new disease targets, prioritization and/or validation of existing targets, and/or identification of new indications. A key aspect is successful identification of convergence or divergence hubs or nodes.

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