Paths In Codevelopment

There are several major paths of co-developing a drug and associated test: (1) drug and test are developed in parallel (true co- development); (2) drug is developed first, followed by the diagnostic test(s) development (drug rescue in case there are safety issues discovered in phase IV); and (3) the already existing test can be used for drug(s) selection (patient enrichment/stratification). Multiple tests may be developed for the selection of a certain drug, either in parallel with the drug or at a later date. Figure 2 illustrates major drug diagnostics collaboration scenarios.

In the end, regardless of the path taken, co-development results in cross-labeling/relabeling of drug and/or the diagnostics. FDA drug package inserts frequently cite the relevant in vitro diagnostic test(s), and FDA cleared/ approved devices reference the targeted drug(s). Table 1 presents current

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