Planar Arrays

Planar microarrays are highly miniaturized and parallelized solid-phase assay systems that use a large number of different capture molecules immobilized in physically addressable locations called microspots. These spots, which typically have diameters of less than 250 |im and are arrayed in rows and columns, are where the capture antibody for each assay is deposited. This deposition by physical touching with pins or spraying with piezoelectric tips is a technologically demanding step that was first pioneered in the gene expression industry for detection of nucleic acids by sequence-specific hybridization [4] . This approach has been used to generate antibody arrays consisting of several hundred capture antibodies by depositing them on nitrocellulose-coated microscope slides. Typically, these large arrays have then been probed either by using a direct labeling approach, where the mixture of antigens is fluores-cently labeled; or conversely, a cocktail of second antibodies labeled with a fluorescent tag have been used to complete the sandwich assays. In either case, quantitation was achieved by imaging the spots with a change-coupled device (CCD) camera. The two limiting features of this approach have been (1) the irreproducibility of the spotting approach, where each new array is considered a new lot of material from a quality control point of view; and (2) the high probability of antibody-antibody interactions when greater than 25 antigen-antibody reactions are performed in a shared physical space. The second is a limiting factor for all multiplexed immunoassays and has been considered in the three most popular platforms.

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