The global proteomics approach for candidate biomarker discovery using label-free mass spectrometry-based methods is able to detect significantly differentially expressed proteins in a variety of biological systems. An advantage of this technology is that it enables varied study designs involving comparisons between large cohorts or multiple experimental conditions. For example, pharmacodynamic markers of drug treatment, markers of disease severity, or predictive markers of efficacy may be discovered, depending on the study design. Candidate biomarkers are combined into panels having sufficient discriminating power (positive and negative predictive values) to provide meaningful diagnostic or prognostic information and perform better than single-protein biomarkers against broad populations. Consequently, these high - confidence panels provide biomarkers that appear suitable for development into high-throughput screening assays.

Multiple approaches to identifying lower-abundance proteins in plasma have demonstrated value, including antibody depletion of high-abundance proteins as well as the analysis of the contents of the secretory apparatus. These two techniques are seen as complementary in terms of the plasma protein concentration range interrogated. Typically, the limit of detection of direct analysis of plasma or serum proteins is approximately 10 to 100 ng/mL, which has proven to be a very productive range for candidate biomarker identification. The blood concentrations of proteins secreted from Golgi lumen are approximately two orders of magnitude below this, allowing for an even more comprehensive view of the low- abundance tissue- specific blood proteome. Further improvements are expected in the future, but clearly the tools now exist to identify novel and useful biomarkers of disease and drug response.

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