The high-throughput proteomics approach described here is the natural progression of the genome sequencing projects of the 1990s, but instead of sequencing the genome, we are fabricating the proteomes. Organisms such as M. tuberculosis with 4000 ORFs, or malaria (P. falciparum and P. vivax) with even larger genomes, can now be assayed on a whole- proteome scale. By providing a comprehensive tool to test all the proteins at once, we open the door to a new nonbiased approach in biomarker discovery. Instead of working with a handful of proteins and attaining very limited data sets, we can now look at these organisms from a whole-proteome perspective, allowing the immune system to tell us what is and is not important. Although this approach has been used primarily for infectious disease research, it also holds promise for the discovery and study of biomarkers for human disease.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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