Unique Challenges to Standardized Imaging

The diversity of imaging hardware creates one of the most significant sources of measurement variability. Seemingly equivalent imaging methods deployed on two different scanners may provide equivalent diagnostic information and images of similar appearance. However, for quantitative imaging where imaging- derived biomarkers are required, very significant differences in derived values can occur. Also, there may exist proprietary algorithms for image reconstruction or subsequent analysis, the details of which are not known and therefore cannot be compensated for.

When implementing complex imaging across multiple centers, expert resources are required to (1) compile a site- specific imaging protocol (e.g., detail acquisition requirements for a given manufacturer), (2) provide training to the relevant site staff likely to undertake the imaging (technologist and radiologist), (3) send standard phantoms to sites and review data to ensure expected performance and equivalence between sites, (4) ensure that data are received rapidly, preferably via electronic image transfer, so that the data can be reviewed rapidly and feedback given on issues, and (5) analyze the data and provide the imaging endpoints to the sponsor for statistical analysis.

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