Use Of Statistics And Bioinformatics

Due to the complexity and multifaceted nature of biomarker research, it is not uncommon, especially in the recent years, to see different "omics" techniques, bioinformatics, and statistical methods incorporated into biomarker research and development [21] . Thus, there has been a large increase in the number of possible approaches to analytical and clinical validations. As illustrated in Figure 1, the use of bioinformatics and statistics to validate biomark-ers can accompany any preclinical or clinical stage. More specifically, they are applied to a greater degree of freedom during the initial phases of biomarker development. Ideally, by the time a biomarker enters large clinical trials or is put on the market under continued surveillance, its robustness should already have been tested with the use of a variety of statistical and bioinformatical approaches. Regardless, these computational approaches, although not very stringent, are fundamentally useful tools for ensuring the validity of results prior to using some of the more time-consuming and costly validation methods (i.e., external validation or clinical trials).

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Project Management Made Easy

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