Human Plasma S

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Chapter 5, Figure 1 Consistent peptide intensity across all samples allows the detection of differentially expressed peptide ions. Shown is a partial view of peptide ion maps (as measured by LC-MS) from the plasma of three individuals. The horizontal axis is chromatographic retention time, the vertical axis is mass-to-charge ratio (m/z), and the peptide ion intensity is denoted by the size and color of the spots. The peptide ion circled shows differential expression across patients and increases in abundance from sample 1 to sample 3.

Chapter 5, Figure 4 Global proteomics analysis on Alzheimer disease and normal patients. Multidimensional scaling of proteomics data demonstrates the separation of healthy individuals (green spheres) from Alzheimer patients (red spheres). Caprion has defined a disease axis that is used to quantify relative disease state. The axis is a line that passes through the disease and healthy centroids (yellow spheres). Each patient is then positioned on the axis according to its orthogonal intercept. Donepezil-treated Alzheimer patients (purple spheres), as a group, are shifted on the disease axis from the disease group toward the healthy group.

Multidimensional Scaling (Log Transform OFF)

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