Clearance CL

CL is the volume of blood cleared of compound/drug per unit time. CL units are volume/time (i.e., mL/min). CLs by various organs are additive. The total body CL of a compound is a summation of the CL contributions of various organs.

CLtotalbody = CLliver + CLrenal + CLother (L2)

CL can be calculated as follows:

'1/2 where k is the first-order elimination rate constant (units of time-1)

t1/2 is the half-life (units of time)

Vd is the volume of distribution (units of volume)

Elimination rate


Hepatic metabolism is the primary route of elimination for most compounds. A general assumption, although not always true, is that CLiiver (due to hepatic metabolism) is equal to

CLtotal body.

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