Pharmacokinetics serves as a "tool" that provides a quantitative description of what the body does to a compound/drug that is administered. Processes such as absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion are described by pharmacokinetic parameters. Characterization of pharmacokinetics allows for selection of appropriate and efficacious dosing regimens. In drug discovery and preclinical development, an understanding of pharmacokinet-ics in animals allows for selection and advancement of drug candidates. This chapter describes and defines basic pharmacokinetic parameters and their derivation. Empirical compartmental modeling and simple physiological modeling are described. In addition, useful tables for the interpretation of pharmacokinetic data are provided.


1.1 Abbreviations 1

1.2 Basic Concepts 2

1.3 Compartmental Modeling 8

1.4 Physiological Modeling 11

1.5 Physiological Parameters in Various Species 14

References 15

Additional Reading 15

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