For the past three decades, lectures on pharmacogenetics have been given in various courses at the University of Michigan to graduate students in pharmacology, toxicology, and public health, and to medical students, pharmacy students, and nursing students. Over the years, I have given the bulk of those lectures, but more recently Gerry Levy and Jerry Stitzel have performed that task as well. The notes of our lectures are well designed as a brief introduction to pharmacogenetics, and I have combined parts of their lectures with my own as a basis for Chapter 2, Defining Pharmacogenetics. I thank Gerry and Jerry for their contributions.

Numerous colleagues have also contributed directly or indirectly to this book. I express my sincere thanks to all, and especially to Bill Pratt, David Burke, Patrick A. Murphy, Harvey Kaplan, Namandje Bumpus, Ray Ruddon, and Jimmy Rae for their comments and criticisms. I also thank Harvey Kaplan for providing a version of Table 10.1 that I have updated and Faye Bradbury for providing Figure 10.3.

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