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To LaDonna and our two children, Jane and Theodore

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The first edition of this book published in 1997 was written with the purpose of showing how the convergence of pharmacology and genetics in the new hybrid field of pharmacogenetics is complementary and how individuals more or less susceptible to a given chemical differ from each other by describing the genetics and molecular basis of specific traits of pharmacogenetic importance. In the 10 or so years since that edition was published, much new pharmacogenetic information has been gathered and many conceptual and technological advances have occurred. To accommodate these changes, the current edition was divided into four sections: Foundations, Fundamentals, Futures, and Synthesis. Foundations describes the origins and defining features of the field. Fundamentals expands on the principles of pharmacogenetics with detailed discussions of the pharmaco-logic and genetic profiling of human drug response, the molecular aspects of pharmacogenetics, the tools available for pharmacogenomic research and testing, ethnicity in pharmacogenetics, and the modeling of human drug response in experimental systems. Futures discusses the prospects of pharmacogenetics relevant to drug discovery and predictive biology. Synthesis concludes the book with a brief overview of the field.

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