ethnic specificity of, 240 in fetal tissues, 80 NAT2

development of, 80

ethnic differences in, 26

ethnic specificity of, 240

longevity and, 80

mouse models for, 273-76

polymorphism frequency distribution, 24f,

238-40, 239/ variants of, 23 NATs. See N-acetyltransferase neuroleptics, CYP2D6 and, 35, 240 neurotransmitters, drugs and development of, 91 NOAEL. See no observed adverse effect level non-drug-metabolizing enzymes, importance in pharmacogenetics, 27 no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL), establishment of, 58-59 northern blot analysis, development of, 185, 186t nortriptyline, twin studies of, 109 nuclear DNA, 101

DNA methylation of, 145-46 nuclear genome, 101-3 nucleic acids, sequencing and scanning techniques, 10-12, 11t

''odor blindness,'' identification of, 6-8 OLA. See Oligonucleotide ligation assay oligonucleotide-based microarray hypermethylation analysis with, 163 scanning and reference-based sequence checking on, 192-93

Oligonucleotide ligation assay (OLA), for scoring known mutations, 196 OMIM. See Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), contents of, 339 opiates, G6PD deficiency and, 246

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