New Directions

Infectious disease (malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS) RNA silencing Pharmacoepigenomics Nonsense-mediated decay

Figure 2.6 From molecular foundations to clinical outcomes.

pharmacogenetics is experiencing a period of rapid growth and redefinition. We often hear pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics used interchangeably, but whichever term is used, the main question before us is how best to accommodate the major shift in the scale of operations entailed in going from genetics to genomics.

Physicians have learned to cope with adverse reactions to drugs and other substances by replacing the offending substance or removing it from the patients' environment. If treatment were to be guided by ''pharmacogenetic profiles'' individualized for susceptibility to these agents, therapeutic failure and drug toxicity would be greatly reduced or avoided in genetically susceptible persons. These profiles would serve as stepping-stones from the molecular foundations to the long-term objectives of pharmacogenetics (Figure 2.6).

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