1. The Early History of Stereochemistry: From the Discovery of Molecular Asymmetry and the First Resolution of a Racemate by Pasteur to the Asymmetrical Chiral Carbon of van't Hoff and Le Bel 1 Dew/iis £. Drayer

2. Stereochemical Terms and Concepts: An Overview 25 Irving W. Wainer and Alice A. Marcotte n. THE SEPARATION AND PREPARATION OF STEREOCHEMICALLY PURE DRUGS

3. Enantiomer Analysis by Competitive Binding Methods 35 C. Edgar Cook

4. Indirect Methods for the Chromatographic Resolution of Drug Enantiomers: Synthesis and Separation of Diastereomeric Derivatives 65 Joseph Gal

5. The Direct Resolution of Enantiomeric Drugs by Chiral-

Phase Gas Chromatography 107

Wilfried A. König

6. HPLC Chiral Stationary Phases for the Stereochemical Resolution of Enantiomeric Compounds: The Current State of the Art 139

Irving W. Wainer

7. Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Drugs 183 John W. Scott

8. Enzymatic Synthesis and Resolution of Enantiomerically

Pure Compounds 213

David I, Stirling

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